Failed Talk Show Hosts Part 1

Failed Talk Show Hosts Part 1

Sometimes it takes more than a display easel, funny jokes, and a pretty face to be a talk show host. In most cases, shows fail because of poor ratings. Here are some famous stars who never got to claim their fame through broadcast.

1. Dennis Miller– Do you remember this comedic guy from Saturday Night Live in the early nineties? Well, he was on that show and he left in 1992 to become a host of “The Dennis Miller Show” in which he interviewed many eccentric guests. Unfortunately, that show was cancelled in the same year but it doesn’t matter! Miller went on to host his own HBO show which was called “Dennis Miller Live” for a successful nine seasons. Was it the name change that did it?

2. Joan Rivers– In 1986, Fox decided to compete with “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” and let Joan host her own talk show “The Late Show Starting Joan Rivers.” As fate would have it the show was canceled within a year, and in 1987 Rivers was fired after bumping heads with the producer. She was then replaced by Arsenio Hall.

3. Arsenio Hall– It looks like “The Arsenio Hall Show” which deputed in 1992 did not do that well either. While the show appealed to a younger audience, it actually aired from 1989 to 1994. The reason it plummeted could be one of two, or both. The fact that the “Late Night Show with David Letterman” began airing in 1993 or the fact that Hall interviewed the Nation of Islam’s leader Louis Farrakhan which some people blame for the cancellation.

4. Magic Johnson- Do you remember watching “The Magic show”? No, I didn’t think so. This show only lasted about eight weeks following its 1988 debut. Surprisingly, Johnson blamed the poor ratings on the lack of support from black celebrities. It looks like the NBA is your only claim to fame Magic.

5. Chevy Chase- Fox Network gave former SNL star Chevy Chase a stab at his own talk show called “The Chevy Chase Show”back in 1993. However, it was not well-received by critics and only lived to see five weeks of air time. Time magazine had said this about the failed host, “Nervous and totally at sea, Chase tried everything, succeeded at nothing.”

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