What You Need To Host Church Events

What You Need To Host Church Events
Your church hall is an ideal place to host events for the congregation. Such a big space opens many possibilities to hold events such as plays, pantomimes, lunches, concerts, as well as indoor sports such as badminton and bowls. These events can help bring to congregation together and build a solid church community. However if you are to use this space the best way possible you will need to have the correct equipment. Here is a breakdown of what you may need to make the most out of your church hall:

-Church chairs will be needed for many of the above events, in particular plays, concerts and lunches. Storage space is one thing to consider when purchasing church chairs as you will need to think about whether your storage space would be suited for either stackable church chairs or foldable church chairs. Comfort and cushioning is also something to consider as some of these events may require sitting for long periods of time. It is also essential to have the right number of church chairs to fill the whole hall just in case the church itself cannot hold the congregation for a service. This can often happen in the winter time if there are problems with the heating, as well as if there needs to be repair work done to the church and so it is not available.

-Other key pieces of equipment include collapsible tables, these will be essential for lunches, as well as any bric-a-brac sales, or perhaps outdoor barbeques for the summer. Collapsible tables would therefore need to be suitable for the outdoors as well as indoors. Considering collapsible tables that can easily be stored along with the church chairs is essential, they must be able to fit into the storage space that is available.

-When putting on concerts or plays portable staging may be necessary. This once again must be easily storable and the weight of portable staging must be considered as this is one piece of equipment that would be the heaviest.

-Sports equipment will also be necessary, badminton nets, bowls mats, and even perhaps some indoor uni-hock sticks. Quite often organizations such as Scouts, Guides and Brownies will use the halls so sporting equipment for them should also be available. Church chairs and collapsible tables should also be available for these organizations to use if they want to host their own events for raising money.

Research may need to be done before all this equipment is purchased and in most cases will come down to a decision made by the church committee, so round them up asap and get the best use possible out of your church hall.

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