Tips to Host and Organize a Dessert Party

Tips to Host and Organize a Dessert Party

Who does not love a dessert party, right? Almost everyone you know including your family, friends, and of course, yourself are all dessert addicts that you deem it’s the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming occasion that’s very important for you. It may be a birthday, bridal shower, baptism, or anniversary — whatever it is, a dessert party is always a hit among people with a sweet tooth. To ensure that you prepare a veritable feast for your guests, here are some wonderful tips and ideas on how to host and organize a dessert party.

Gather all the Things You Need

Some of the things you’ll need for this party include dessert menu, party planner, dessert bar table, decorations, cream whipper, cream chargers, mixing bowls, serve ware, platters, and centerpiece for the dessert bar. It is important to prepare all these prior to the event so that you don’t cram looking for these things when the event is already fast approaching.

Choose Theme for the Party

As part of your planning, you should choose a theme for the dessert party. It can be anything from Hawaiian to Classic Retro to Fancy Fairytale. Don’t limit yourself. Explore and experiment with different kinds of themes. Just make sure that the theme is apt for the celebration and the desserts that you intend to serve. Choosing a theme for your dessert party can help make planning much easier.

Create the Menu

The most fun part of organizing a dessert party is creating the menu. In the menu, you should choose delectable sweet treats that will wow your guest and make them go back to the buffet table over and over again. See to it that you present a wide variety of choices so they don’t easily get tired of devouring over the desserts. Some of the best possible options include velvety smooth creme brule, delectable bread pudding, healthy fruit kabobs dipped in rich chocolate sauce, platter of Hawaiian fruits drizzled with caramel dressing, Devil’s food cake, captivating Black Forest cake, scrumptious New York style cheesecake, exciting cookies and pastries, and so many more! Choose dessert items that would blend and not clash with each other. Pick those that complement the theme of the event.

Decorate the Venue

Some ideas on decorating the venue would be to spread pink roses or carnations all over the party room. You can adorn the doorways and walkways with silky cloth and embellish with lights and other decorative items. Cover the buffet table with fancy brown fabric and serve the desserts on polished aluminum baking sheets. Use a gorgeous ice sculpture or chocolate fountain as the centerpiece for the dessert bar. For each table of the guests, you can also put in smaller versions of the chocolate fountain, which they can use to dip in the wondrous desserts you have prepared for them.

Before you get too excited with the event, don’t forget to prepare drinks that would complement the desserts. Wine is the perfect drink that goes well with these foods. But for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, you can also offer milk, coffee, or juice.

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