Choosing The Right Hostel For Your Stay In San Diego

Choosing The Right Hostel For Your Stay In San Diego
There are many hostels San Diego is known for, but the question on many people’s lips is how to make sure you’re booking the right one for you. For a start, very few people realize that despite there being many hostels, San Diego has many different locations, different atmospheres, and places to stay that range from the budget, out of the way motel to the plush beachside hotel with the price tag to match.

The first question to ask when booking a hostel is “is a hostel right for me?” An easy way to decide this is to ask yourself what you enjoy. Hostels, San Diego and drinking go hand in hand, so if you love to socialize, party, meet new people and hang out in an environment designed for fun then a hostel is perfect for you.

The next thing to consider is what kind of a budget you are on. The hostels San Diego’s known for are generally around the $ 20-30 price range per bed per night, and this normally includes breakfast, linens and in the better hostels, evening meals and activities too. The three main downtown hostels offer all of this, and are the best choices for those looking to have fun without breaking the bank. There are those, however, that will charge more and offer less, so be sure to compare the price with what is included. Paying less for a bed in a 12 person dorm may work out to be a terrible decision, if an extra $ 3 a night means you get a good night’s sleep with only a couple of other roomies.

A big mistake many travellers make is to book the big name chain hostels San Diego websites advertise. Quite often, chains will lower their standards on account of the fact that they have brand recognition on their side, so it is always wise to check out individual reviews, or talk to travellers earlier on in your travels as to what they would recommend. Word of mouth is often the most trustworthy way to book a decent hostel that will leave memories.

The Lucky D’s Hostel isn’t just a place to stay. It’s an experience.

We are an independently owned hostel. We think of our guests as our family. People often think that our location is our greatest asset, but guests quickly realize the hostel is more than just location. The attitude is laid back and there is a positive energy that comes from staff and guests alike. It is a home, a place to easily make life-long friends.

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